Writers of the Future: Day 3

This will have to be a short one, because I’m in the middle of working on my 24-hour story.

This morning I ventured out from the hotel in quest for coffee, but initially turned the wrong way down the sidewalk. Because of that I ran into Tim Powers taking a smoke break, and we chatted for a few minutes about my novel, and unsolicited versus agented submissions, and how amazing John le Carré’s books are. The morning session was a continuation on that theme: it was all about business.

Based on some advice, I contacted an agent I’m interested in who lives in LA to ask if I could buy her lunch and hear more about what she’s looking for. She was too busy to meet with me, but wrote a very kind (and prompt!) email in which she wished me enjoyment from the workshop. Even just this touch of thoughtfulness from a busy agent was hugely encouraging.

One surreal Hollywood experience: the world premier for Marvel’s The Eternals took place today, and I could see all the stars walking down the red carpet from my hotel window. I thought about going down to warn Kit Harrington that winter is indeed coming, but I have stories to write (and I also didn’t want to get beaten up by security.)

We started writing our 24-hour stories during the afternoon session. There will be no other events until those stories are turned in. So far I’ve worked on it by the poolside until my laptop battery died, then in the lobby bar until it closed, and now I’ve been plugging away for the last few hours in my hotel room, listening to what sounds like distant gunfire from outside (but may have some other cause). In some ways, the gunfire reminds me of my growing-up years, and provides a fitting backdrop for my writing.

I’m at 3800 words in this story, and still have a ways to go. As usual, my narrative tends to run long, but the pieces are coming together pretty well.

I’d better get back to it.

2 thoughts on “Writers of the Future: Day 3”

  1. I bet writing a 24-hour story is daunting, I would simply crash and burn, however, you still find the time to write cool posts. I think that’s an awesome skill! Keep it up…


  2. Best of luck on your story! Definitely a bit nerve-racking to have such a short window to write it in, but sounds like it’s going pretty well!


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