Luke’s Novels

I have written four complete novels, only one of which is publishable in its current state. Each taught me something differerent about craft. From newest to oldest, they are:

The Blasted Ones

Lives and ambitions tangle in the desert city of Terakesh, where sandstorms leave corpses in the streets and steal children from their families. A foreigner comes to the city hunting the secrets of her magic. A father searches for his missing son. An unlikely prophet leads his tribe across the desert toward the home of their ancestors.

Similar titles
Setting: With Blood Upon the Sand, Bradley P. Beauleiu
Narrative voice: The Killing Moon, N.K. Jemisin
Structure: the fast-paced, intertwined storylines of Joe Abercrombie

Adult fantasy, 160k words
This book is almost ready for submission to publishers. I’m working on a sequel while I await beta reader feedback.

Song of the Searching

A young boy travels across a magical world, searching for his sister. His story is told from the perspectives of everyone he meets along the way.

Middle grade fantasy, 88k words
Only completed in a first draft. I intend to rewrite this manuscript someday. An excerpt from it won first place in a student writing competition.

Days to Destruction

Stone idols come to life, igniting old hatreds and threatening to tear a civilization apart. A young idealist fights to protect the city he loves amidst spiralling religious conflict.

New adult fantasy, 72k words
Five drafts completed. This book received an Editor’s Choice Award at a writers conference, and came close to publication, but I ultimately decided that the quality doesn’t currently meet my standards.

Destiny’s Mistake

A child is born with multiple destinies. To accommodate this, his soul is split between three bodies. He must fulfill his destinies and meet the other versions of himself during a perilous quest.

Generic fantasy, unknown wordcount–250k?
I started this book in fifth grade and finished a second draft in tenth. Everyone writes a cliche Chosen One fantasy before they know what they’re doing. This was mine.