Writers of the Future: The Prologue

Tomorrow’s the day! I fly out for the Writers of the Future workshop bright and early. If you’re curious about the experience, or considering submitting to the contest (you should!), I’m planning to journal a quick paragraph or two every evening and post them here on my website. You can see updates for when those posts drop by following my feed or liking my author Facebook account @luke.a.wildman.writer.

Thanks to everyone who’s wished me well! I know my passion for sci-fi and fantasy is rather niche, but I truly appreciate the support. 😊

A random PS: it just so happens that I’m about to hit 100k words in my current work in progress, The Hollow Ones. I say “just so happens,” but it was always my goal to reach 100k before Writers of the Future. Considering all I’ve had going on, I’m rather proud of myself for meeting this deadline, self-imposed though it was. I should be able to complete the remaining 400 words on the flight tomorrow.

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